Small Acts of Kindness to Help Heal a Community

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Jeanette Kingsbury and her team at Action Wrecker Service, Inc. in Midland, TX had been the dedicated towing provider for the local police department for some time. This typically meant helping clear accident scenes, towing abandoned vehicles and other similar activity. But, one tragic and unforgettable day, a mass shooting occurred in the region, where a single gunman targeted innocent drivers on Midland's highways. For their actions to assist in this instance, Action Wrecker Services is a AAA Real Hero of the Road.

On this tragic day, it was their job to tow the vehicles of the shooting victims from the scene. Jeanette says she was in awe of her drivers and her office staff, who are always professional and courteous, but on this day, they went above and beyond. Since they had these vehicles in their possession, they had to notify the families of the victims that they had their vehicle. She said her staff handled each outreach with tremendous care and compassion.

One family in particular stood out who wanted to keep their loved one's truck since it was his prized possession. In the aftermath of what had happened, it held great sentimental value and they felt it would give them closure to have it. Jeanette knew the family could not see the truck in its current shape so they made sure it was clean before returning it to them.

Jeanette and her staff were deeply affected by the tragedy and also wanted to help an officer who had been wounded in the standoff. Her staff, along with the owner and general manager worked tirelessly for weeks to refurbish a vintage vehicle to present to the officer.

When Jeanette thinks back to those days and weeks following the shooting, she says, "I have never known a group of people that are as kind, generous, caring and professional as the people I am privileged to call my Action Wrecker family. I pray every family affected that day is in a place of healing and grace and that they know we are always here if you need us."

Jeanette and her staff are Real Heroes of the Road to the families and their community that suffered such a horrific day. When you're driving along the highway and you see an Action Wrecker tow truck or someone else working at the roadside, think of this story and what their compassion meant to those families. And when you do, please slow down and move over so they can do their job safely. We need service providers like Action Wrecker and so do our members; but most of all, so do their families. Help us keep them safe.

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